Design Specialty and Median Pay

What pay increase do you get for putting “UX” on the top of your resume? Will you gain much by becoming “senior”? What about transitioning to a director role? Based on data from, I made this chart to show designers’ median pay, based on title:

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Of course, the humble old “Graphic Designer” is the last in the pack. Making your designs move grants you an extra $7k per year, while making them “visual” commands a good $22k bonus. Interfaces, interactions, and experiences are better still, but not as good as products. Beyond that, you have to start directing to rake in more cash — no surprise.

Should you pick your specialty based on median earnings nationally? I doubt it. But maybe it’s good to be aware, nonetheless. Because next year, there’s sure to be another buzz word that will leave all these others in the dust.

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